about alice

I’m a mom to three kiddos, ages 11, 9, & almost 7. I didn’t ever think I’d be that woman who had 3 kids in 5 years. I used to look at those women & think they were CRAY. And I still do.

I’m a homebirth-er who squeezed out all three of my children at home.

I’m a photographer who specializes in boudoir, pregnancy, martial arts, dance, & fashion photography. If you’re feeling like procrastinating, feel free to check out my site at Alice Kuo Shippee Photography.

I’m a CrossFitter whose nickname should be “Slo-Mo.” I have my husband to thank for our CrossFit lifestyle, because he’s a physical trainer & owner of CrossFit 1440. It’s the next best thing to being married to a plastic surgeon. The downside is that I can’t let myself go, because he’s in fierce shape. He’s also younger than me, so I’m working hard to not be the jiggly old lady by his side. 🙂

I’m a teacher who taught high-school English, Dance, & Photography in my life before motherhood–& being a teacher is the heart of who I am, the best part of me.

I’m an educator still actively involved in elementary, secondary, & bilingual education (come by my Alice KS Educator page on Facebook!)

I’m a daughter & sister who lives too far away from my family.


attachment parenting • co-sleeping/bedsharing • NVC • Alfie Kohn • TED Talks • Instagram • eating sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free & organic • ballet • sour beers • hard ciders • Kir Royales • boots • Groupon • Apple Computers • Pinterest • Facebook • being bilingual • Netflix


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