sky lanterns • pingxi, taiwan

Sky Lanterns

By Zara Shippee

My family and I, my mom’s mom and dad, and Emma went to the place where we write our wishes on the lanterns and let them go. We rode on a bus to get there. We arrived at night.

I held the calligraphy brushes and wrote on the lanterns. The lanterns are made of very thin paper that is orange, pink, blue, white, and yellow. On the pink paper, I wrote, “I wish that it would snow in Taipei and Los Angeles.” I also wished, “I hope I succeed doing art” on the orange side of the lantern. Orange stands for success. Didi wrote scribbles and scrabbles, and I have no idea what it means. I felt mad because he drew all over my words.


When our lantern is ready, we hold on to the top edges of the lantern, and then the lady who helped us lit the lantern on the bottom. And then, we hold it low to the ground, so the hot air would get all around. And then, we would hold the bottom ring and make our wish. And people would take pictures and videos. After we make our wish, we let the lantern go.

I made three wishes.

You can see our videos below.


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