Sage Mama’s poem

Absolutely love this breathtaking poem! When I read it, I felt it–I felt that she sees me. So often in this journey of motherhood, I feel invisible, like furniture, a favorite chair–well-loved, well-worn, but just in the background. Thank you, Sage Mama, for this beautiful post…

The Sage Mama

Happy 2012, Mamas. Much light to you and many thanks to you for your heartfelt responses to this space.

I see you, Mama.
An ocean of people rushing past
you stand at the bottom
of the grey subway stairs
double-stroller in arms
figuring your

I see you
at the library
at the free music classes
at the grocery store
on the bus
pointing out dandelions
and pine trees
explaining that it’s not
alright to throw trash
in the street

Your sleep, broken
your spirit held together
by ancestors you will never
be able to name.
There is no nanny
no babysitter
no family standing at the ready
so that you can breathe

And sometimes
the river in you rises
you bite back curses
blink away tears
the child screams fire,
water of you starts to simmer and rise
then you find your breath
you lower your voice

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