Preparing for Parenthood, WOD #1: Nite, Nite

Okay, technically this is a WON (Workout of the Night), instead of a WOD, which is actually an important distinction to make, because there will be a series of WONs. Nighttime is the first challenge you face as parents–it’s a foreign environment unless you are a vampire or have only just recently given up raves & all-night benders. Staying up all night used to mean you were doing something SUPER fun, or perhaps super dumb (or both), but this isn’t parenthood. Staying up all night as a parent is more akin to trying to stay awake in math class–it’s painful physically & mentally, & you never really get better at it.

If you do this WON as an individual, you must do all parts. If done as partners, you can do the tasks together like mutually supportive comrades in misery, or you can split the tasks down the middle (assuming you have an egalitarian relationship; if you don’t, then you’re about to do some negotiating–good luck).

This is a very gentle, beginner’s WON. You’ll see more advanced versions of this in the days to come. 🙂

The WON begins at bedtime, whatever time that is for you (that won’t matter once you have a baby anyway).

• • • • • •

Set your alarm for 12 AM, 1:45 AM, 3:45 AM, 5 AM, & 7:30 AM. (If you think there’s no way your baby will wake up that often, buckle up for reality.)

When your alarm goes off at 12 AM, wake up, shut your alarm off, & sit up in bed.

Remain sitting for at least 15 minutes, preferably awake. However you fall asleep after that might be up to you, depending on how tired you are.

Repeat with each alarm.

In the morning, give each other some high fives & discuss how it was.

Check in again with each other around 4 PM.

Score yourselves & report back in the comments!!

• • • • • •


1. Add one point for following directions each time.

2. Minus one point for each time you didn’t hear the alarm & you slept through.

4. Minus one point for falling asleep or lying down before 15 minutes were up.

5. Minus five points for being grumpy in the morning.

5. Minus five points for napping in the afternoon.

• • • • •

Get ready for tomorrow’s WOD or WON! Let the games begin! 🙂


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